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Candida Parapsilosis


Candida Parapsilosis is a candida that is found on the human body and is a natural part of the flora that thrives and helps the body.  candida-krusei-3Generally, it is found in the gastrointestinal tract. 

However, though it can be found on the human body, it is not actually a natural pathogen on the body.  In fact, it is believed to be deposited on the body through contact with nonhuman sources.

Soil, insects and animals are the primary carriers of candida parapsilosis and it is through contact with these sources that the yeast is transmitted into the body.  Many times, through testing, the primary site of transmission is through the hands, which is why it is imperative that you wash your hands on a regular basis. 

Generally, the candida parapsilosis goes on undetected on the human body.  This means that it moves into the natural fauna of the body and works in much the same was as other candida. 

The problem with candida parapsilosis is when there is a sudden overgrowth of the yeast.  This leads to several infections and the symptoms of candida parapsilosis is the same as it is with other candida infections.

If you suspect that you have a candida parapsilosis infection, you will see the following symptoms:candida-parapsilosis-1


There can be itchy skin with or without a rash and it is very uncomfortable. 

Skin Irritation:

The skin will feel very irritated around the affected area.  Many times the affected area is in the genital area and also in the creases of breasts, arms and fingers and toes.

Fuzzy Film:

Another common symptom of Candida parapsilosis is the appearance of a white fuzzy film on the skin.  It can be present in the genital area, on the ears, over any part of the skin, in the mouth and on the scalp.  As it becomes worse, the film thickens and spreads.

Treatment of candida parapsilosis is through the use of an antifungal medication such as Amphotericin B.


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